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Maternity NO more! Tailor your maternity shirt to fit after pregnancy

Hello everyone from Cook, Clean, Craft! I'm so happy to be a part of Me Me Me Month!

Perhaps you're like me and you wish to burn your maternity clothes after you have your baby. Sick of those same 3 shirts that fit at the end of your pregnancy. Plan to either toss them or make them into dresses for your little girl. Well, maybe there is another option.

You can turn a big, frumpy, (ugly?) shirt into something that may just possibly be cute. Or at least work for you during those transition sizes.

This morning I took this awful shirt:

  Maternity shirt makeover 1

and stitched a seam on each side using a regular sewing machine and a knit stitch. A straight stitch or a small zigzag would work as well. If you have a serger go ahead and use that!

Maternity shirt makeover 146
I used pink thread so you can see my seam easier. Notice that maternity shirts are usually wider in front than back. I evened out the front and back panels by taking in more on the front side (see photo above). 

Maternity shirt makeover 3
Trim seams. Finish the edges if your fabric is woven. Knit fabric won't unravel so I left mine raw. I prefer to finish the bottom edge by pushing edges to one side and stitching it down.

It will look like this on the outside of the shirt:

Maternity shirt makeover 143

Final step: attempt awkward self portrait in mirror instead of setting up tripod…

Maternity shirt makeover 142
I left mine still pretty roomy because of the style but feel free to tailor your shirts as much as you want!

Do you have old maternity clothes to tailor?


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