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Make Your Own DIY Air Conditioner

Man makes his how air conditioner out of a coleman cooler

Turn your cooler into an air conditioner that will actually produce air that is only 42 degrees! It’s no replacement for a commercial air conditioner but it’s affordable and will work in small spaces! This would be perfect for camping, a small room on an unusually hot day, the garage, RV and more. I love that he even shows you how to make this completely portable. No need to be connected to your electricity! Use this air conditioner off the grid if you want.

I can imagine this would be helpful in climates that don’t usually require air conditioning but you might need it for a few days a year. Or maybe even to cool down a patio area! 


  • ice chest (hard-sided or styrofoam)
  • pvc pipe
  • small fan
  • ice
  • a solar panel, a battery or other power source (optional)
  • jig saw

Watch this great video to learn how he puts this DIY air conditioner together. He’ll show you how to hook it up to a solar panel or a battery as well so you can take this on the road or away from your outlets! Pretty smart, right? Would you use this? Where would you put it?


  1. Julia says

    This is beyond cool!! And all the items can be purchased at Home Depot for $75.00. I am living out of a storage unit that I have tricked out with a loft and carpeting. It has electricity and there’s water on the property, but it is so HOT in there during the summer! I am going to make this A/C unit project. Thank You!!

  2. says

    wow, what a great idea. DIY Air Conditioning one for myself and not a crazy idea, huh. Now, do not worry when summer arrived. Thank you very much for this interesting article

  3. says

    Nice transformation from a cooler into an air-conditioner. What a creative idea!! With little effort, I can save a lot of money now. I’m going to be back to my hometown to visit my grandma next week and it’s pretty hot there. Thanks to this, I have a mobile air-conditioner to come with me on this trip. Nice video by the way.

  4. Miz Vixi says

    I love this idea. Unfortunately, for me, it has come thirty years too late. I would have loved to have had this in college. The dorms were not air conditioned, and unless you had a severe medical problem, you could not use a window unit. Fans were not prohibited, and neither were coolers. Genius!

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