Messenger Bag Sew Along Part 4

Catch up on Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

This is what you should have sewn up until this point.

Messenger bag tutorial-4891

Step 12: Make Strap & Attach

I made my own strap instead of using webbing. You’ll need one 12″ piece and one 60″ piece. I made the second piece 40″ because I’m making this bag for a 6 year old.

To make the strap measure your rectangle ring’s width. The interior of my ring was 1.25″ so I cut my strap 3″ wide. See this tutorial for how to make the strap. 

The 12″ strap will be sewed onto the outer bag like this:

Messenger bag tutorial-4908

Sew the slide onto the end of the long strap.

Messenger bag tutorial-4915

thread the long strap through the rectange ring on the short strap. The instructions are very detailed so read carefully so your strap adjusts correctly.
Messenger bag tutorial-4917

Follow the directions to thread the long strap back through the slide.

Messenger bag tutorial-4920

Messenger bag tutorial-4929
There, the strap is done! 

Step 13: Now attach the flap. Make sure to line up the centers.

Messenger bag tutorial-4933

Step 14: Attach Lining

Line the inside and outside bag up so the right sides are together. Make sure the shoulder strap is tucked inside and the ends of the straps are sticking up. 

Begin pinning by lining up the seams.

Messenger bag tutorial-4936

Leave a 4″ opening in the top so you can turn it right side out. You might want to follow Keyka Lou’s tip here.

Turn the bag right side out.

Messenger bag tutorial-4938

Messenger bag tutorial-4939

Messenger bag tutorial-4941

Messenger bag tutorial-4942

Step 15: Finish

Topstitch around the top of the bag. Hand sew the opening first if you like.

Reinforce the strap ends. I drew a heart with a vanishing fabric marker and sewed a heart instead of an X like the pattern suggests. It is for a 6 year old, afterall.

Messenger bag tutorial-4944

Sew the button on. Hide the knot ends under the button rather than the back of the flap.

Messenger bag tutorial-4945

Messenger bag tutorial-4956
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