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Los Angeles Fashion Resource

Have you been thinking about starting up your own little fashion business? So many people are doing it, why not you?? Maybe you want to know how to get your clothing designs manufactured? Or perhaps you want to know how to get your brand into stores or sart your own store? Maybe you just want to start small and want to know do the budgeting and pricing for your small etsy shop? Lafrlogo

Los Angeles Fashion Resource was created with you in mind! Jennifer Fairbanks is a clothing and lingerie designer. She started her business in 2002 in San Francisco, has opened multiple stores (learning along the way!), been a teacher and has written books. She started LAFR to help small businesses succeed without falling into some pitfalls she fell into along the way! Fantastic!

Here are some of Jennifer's ebooks she has to offer:

CoverFU2tnFashion Unraveled explores the steps of starting a fashion design or crafting business. The book begins with discussions on developing a customer followed by detailed steps on what it takes to manufacture a product.The costing, pricing and budgeting part of this book approaches it differently than most other books out there.

Fashion Unraveled breaks it down based on you being a small business and not a multi-million dollar start up.

PutnProducts Unraveled is the second book in the Business Unraveled series. Following the same visual format as Fashion Unraveled, Products Unraveled was written for individuals starting a business in product development and manufacturing. This book introduces the concepts of customer development, marketing and working with contractors.There are many product based businesses and all follow the same basic rules. 

Products Unraveled introduces the manufacturing industry to the entrepreneur and walks one through the business implementation process. Products Unraveled sheds light on the practice of budgeting, pricing and developing a business plan.

So no more excuses! Now you'll know the ins and outs of how to get your adorable little outfits out on the racks! 

Check out the other ebooks and resources on Los Angeles Fashion Resource. I know you'll find it very valuable!

Thanks for being a new sponsor Los Angeles Fashion Resource!


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