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Little Cap Sew Along Day 2

I intended (or hoped) to make another cap last night because some of my pictures are sorely lacking for the sew along. I didn't do it though. I've declared this vacation week around here. We'll be swimming and reading and doing a bit of math and spelling but that's about it! 

This is the lovely (non) recipient of the hat I didn't make:

Little cap 094
She is my adorable, hilarious niece. You know how some kids are just exploding with personality, even at a very young age? That's her! Here she is modeling a cap that clearly doesn't fit. That's okay because it only stayed on for about 3 seconds. Just long enough for me to snap one picture. 

She is modeling the altered size 0-6 month hat. Stop by tomorrow to find out how to alter your pattern for that size.

You might notice the hat matches the booties I showed off earlier.

Little cap 102  

You'll also want to stop by to see how to make sure your hat looks like this on top:  

Little cap 101
Ready to finish up your cap? Day 2 instructions are HERE

I'm linking these finishes to a few other blogs this week. Go check them out. There are also more pictures of finished hats in the Day 2 instructions!


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