Little Cap Sew Along Day 1

First thing is first! Choose your fabric. You’ll need an outer fabric, and an inner fabric. I chose a flannel for the inside of all my caps. I think the softness is great. You can use a woven cotton if you’d like. Avoid stretchy fabrics if at all possible.

I recommend pre-washing your fabrics before cutting. That way if you ever (or when you) wash the cap it won’t shrink and twist on you.

Now print your pattern. This is an easy pattern to piece together, and the instructions are excellent. You shouldn’t have any difficulty starting this project. This pattern has excellent pictures and instructions to follow! You might notice I don’t have as many pictures as usual. You won’t need my pictures! The pattern has great ones!

Once your pattern is taped together, you can either cut out the pattern and pin it to your fabric, or trace the pattern onto pattern paper or freezer paper. I always use freezer paper because it is easy to use and reuse. 

Cut out the pieces of your caps. You should have 2 main cap pieces for both the inner and outer fabric and 2 pieces for the bill of the cap. I used the outer fabric for both pieces of the bill. You’ll also need some elastic. The pattern explains what type and how long to cut it.

Little cap 1

Transfer the markings from the pattern onto the hat. You can use a special fabric marker or any pen that shows up on your fabric if you are careful. 

Little cap 2

Sew along the lines on the WRONG side of the fabric. Then cut off the excess triangles. See the pattern for great pictures.

Little cap 088

Optional: I used fusible interfacing in the bill of the cap on a couple of my caps. Cut out 1 piece of fusible interfacing for the bill.

Little cap 5

Now put the bill pieces right sides together and sew along the curved edge.

Little cap 6 

Follow steps 10-14 on your pattern. The pictures are great!

How are you doing so far? Easy, right? Let’s finish up tomorrow!

You might want to wait to start until you see the rest of the Sew Along! I’ll show you some variations that I did, including some alterations of the pattern. Also, stay tuned if you are interested in making a 0-6 mo. size cap!