Little Cap Sew Along Day 2

This cap really is easy. I almost hated to separate it into 2 days. We’re now on picture 15 of the instructions (step i). You can feel free to follow the instructions as they are written. I deviated slightly to accommodate my compulsive need to change everything.

My 1st change:

Little cap 7
To sew elastic, simply start sewing the elastic in the position you would like with a zigzag stitch. Once the elastic is stitched (and backstitched) and feels secure, firmly hold the fabric behind the sewing needle with one hand and the elastic in the front of the needle with the other. Pull the elastic until it is stretched as far as it will go. Carefully sew. You just want your hand on the back of the fabric to keep it taught and prevent breaking needles. It really is easier than it sounds.

I used this method because I just found it easier. You can use either method and have great results! If you use this method, make sure you stretch the elastic when sewing the lining to the outer fabric or your hat will have a gathered look in back and won’t actually stretch. (it’s easy, really)

2nd change: 

I didn’t leave an opening in the side of the lining as indicated in step i). Instead, I left the 2″ opening when stitching the lining to the outer fabric in step k) (picture 17 & 18). The hat was easily turned right side out and the hole was closed securely when topstitching around the bottom of the hat as directed in step n). Another simple change that made my life a bit easier.

I made my first hat with the argyle patch as explained in the pattern. It really is a great touch for a boy or a girl.

Little cap finished 1

You might also consider a couple buttons:

Little cap 103
That is actually a flannel fabric found at JoAnn. It looks like tweed but so much softer.  

You could just leave it plain:

Little cap 093
Or sew on a flower:

Little cap 095
OH, RIGHT. I still need to sew on that flower… Need flower inspiration? Oopsey Daisy has a compiled a great list of flower tutorials. 

Feel like adding an applique? I recommend sewing it to the outer fabric BEFORE sewing it together with the lining. It will just make life easier. I’m imagining cute little animals or crazy funky patches being really cute. 

How are you going to finish your cap? Be sure to send me a picture, link or add it to the Flickr group! I’d love to show the cap off for you!

Stop by tomorrow for instructions on sewing size 0-6 months and a slight pattern alteration to make your cap look like this on top:

Little cap 101