Let’s dream big

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the pain and suffering in the world? The amount of orphaned children and starving people make you  doubt anything will ever change? Me too. Sometimes it feels suffocating. Sometimes it makes me feel angry. Sometimes guilty.

The thing is, saving even one child from dying matters. Providing one person with clean water matters. Saving one girl from slavery matters. Giving one woman a sewing machine so she can provide for her family matters. It does. Even just one person matters. You matter.

I will donate $10 to One Day’s Wages for every person that donates. I’ll donate $2 for every person that subscribes to my blog by February 22nd.

Do you know about One Day’s Wages? This amazing organization donates 100% of the money raised to directly grant proven organizations fight extreme global poverty. You can read more here.

So head on over to my ODW Birthday Wish page and donate!