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Kitchen Printables for the Fridge

School started a while ago and the Fall festivities are beginning! I love this time of year, but it can also be super busy. It’s enough to make anyone go crazy without a decent organization system. These kitchen printables are the perfect way to add a little sanity to the organized chaos.

I love lists and sometimes just need a place to jot down an ingredient or a task so that I don’t forget!


Plus, I love having a cute place to leave notes for me… or for my husband! It’s kind of a tradition in our home to leave a note every once in a while! It’s a great pick-me-up!!

Kitchen Fridge Printable

If you place the printables inside sheet protectors it will keep them safe. This way they will be clean and easy to use with a dry erase marker! 

Let’s get started… Here’s what you need!


  1. 5×7 Picture Frame Mats
  2. Half Sheet Page Protectors
  3. Tape
  4. Magnets


1. Print out your bright and beautiful kitchen printables and cut them down to size.

2. If you would like them inside a sheet protector, cut the sheet protector down to size and add your printable.

3. Position your printable in the frame and then tape it down! Pretty easy right?

4. Then tape the other three sides to really secure it!

5. After taping it, add your magnet. You’ll definitely want a magnet on the top and the bottom!

6. Double check to make sure it looks great and then place it on your fridge.

How to make Kitchen Fridge Printables

I love how the frames make them look clean and crisp! 

Kitchen Printables

Now I won’t forget what I’m making for dinner during the week! At least that’s the goal!

Kitchen Printables

These are fun and bright printables that you can easily transform into cute kitchen fridge magnets! Plus they will help keep you organized!

PRINT: Kitchen Fridge Printables


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