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January sewing list

Now that my Christmas sewing is over I'm getting ready to start a new list. I tend to put 4x as many things on my list as is actually possible. Am I the only one that does that?? Well here's my too full January "just for fun" sewing list.

  1. Skinny Jeans. I can't believe I've never gotten around to these yet. They've been on my list since September.
  2. Scarves for the girls. These aren't necessary at all here. But they're still on the list.
  3. Finish our Advent Jesse Tree I made a year ago. I ran out of thread 2" before the end of the project and never finished it. I'm determined to finish before I pack it away for the year.
  4. A Blank Slate Basics blazer. I got the paper pattern and I'm very excited to get started. 


I love this fabric. It's wool from the fabric district.
The pattern is very well done. It is so highly recommended I can't wait to start!

On top of this I'm working on a few patterns and some other fun projects and a new website! is now live! I'm very excited about this. Go To Sew is the official blog of Go To Patterns. There will be fun sewing contests you can apply for and I'm also looking for contributors so please apply if you're interested!

What is on your list this month?


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    I have a continuous sewing project list rather than monthly goals. My top priorities are to sew along with Project Run and Play and get started on my little girl’s big girl bed quilt (I’ve had the fabric for this for ages!). We’re spending 1.5 weeks visiting my family, so there is definitely way more there than I’ll actually get done…

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    My sewing list is starting to get longer and longer as I wait for my machine to get back from the shop. Normally, I might start cutting out, but my scissors developed a catch in them, so I figured I might as well send them off for sharpening while I didn’t have a machine! (My machine decided it didn’t want to sew the week before Christmas and I had to borrow one to finish Christmas present sewing!)

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    Fun list! My list is way longer than it should be right now, but I did cross one thing off yesterday. Somehow it always seems to grow even as I get things done :).

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    I love making lists (sewing and otherwise) but I end up never sticking to them. I think really that I just like to sit down and write things in dot points; it makes me feel all organised, even though I inevitably fail to accomplish the things on the list, hahaha :)
    Maybe a list of goals would work better, some guidelines, rather than a strict list of ‘thing to do’… on that note, I’m off to make a list of sewing goals for this month then. Wish me luck! :)
    PS: I can’t wait to see how the blazer turns out. I have the pattern too and have been thinking of making one for my little guy next winter.

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    I’m so excited about your new blog! I was looking over it a few days ago when I got the email ^_^ Definitely will be applying for stuff once PR&P is over :D

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