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Iron a hem

easiest way to iron a hem accurately

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Yay! You’ve sewn your skirt/pants/dress/napkins and not it’s time to hem! Do you just eyeball it (estimate) or do you get precise with a sewing gauge? No sewing gauge? No problem! Here are some great hemming tips to get your project completed and looking perfect!

Hemming tips

  1. Sew a basting stitch 1/4 inch (or whatever distance you prefer) from the edge of your fabric. Use that basting stitch as a guide to fold and press your fabric. This is especially helpful on a curved hem. You can remove your basting stitch after your hem is pressed. 
  2. Sew hemming tape to the edge of your garment. Begin by pinning tape (or ribbon) to the right side of your garment. Wrong side of tape to the right side of garment. Sew, open and press to the wrong side of the garment. Then sew to secure.
  3. Use a paper hem gauge. See how to make on on Show Tell Share.

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