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Inspiration Boards

After reading Jamielyn's post this week about the launch of The Inspiration Board I had to go try it out. It's a fun website where you can easily upload photos to create a cute, crafty looking inspiration board. Complete with washi tape and binder clips to add on. A crafty blogger's dream. Maybe.

So I took some time to make a little inspiration board. I had some photos from the Sew Fab sale and threw them up on a cute chalkboard looking inspiration board. 

how to use the inspiration board sew fab pattern saleFrom top left: Banyan Pants sewn by Fabri'cate, Ruby Lou sewn by Sew Much Ado, Goodship Dress sewn by Me Sew Crazy, Alex & Anna Pajamas sewn by Delia Creates, Madelyn Dress sewn by Me Sew Crazy, Banyan Tunic sewn by Mad Mim, Sidekick Suitcase sewn by rhombitruncated   

It's cute, right? It wasn't that difficult to learn. I prefer photoshop or adobe illustrator but this is so easy I'm sure I'll use it again for something. And the best part? It's free! I'm not sure if it will stay free but right now it's great.

My only concerns? It's just another easy way to take someone else's photos without giving credit. So make sure you always link back to the original source. And make sure the source allows you to use their photos! And one more thing, if you aren't putting the source ON the board, don't pin the board from The Inspiration Board site, please! There will be no way of knowing where the photo originated. Please don't steal!

I put together another one of a few of my favorite sewing projects for kids.

1 (2)

From top left: Easy Ruffle Skirt tutorial, Go To Leggings, original Go To Dress, Simple summer dress, No Sew Scarf, Shift Dress, Cape, Gathered Skirt, Green Dress, 4th of July Dress

No frame, a cork background and a bit or random washi tape. Not bad. I like messy.

Have you played around on The Inspiration Board yet? Are you concerned about stolen photos?

My solution? If you are using other people's photos, make your board PRIVATE on the app site. Then you can post it in your blog with proper links and credit. What do you think?


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    I love the idea of cute boards to share ideas for a room etc. but like you when I noticed the picture are uploaded with no way to link back it made me feel a little nervous.

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    Glad you liked it! Thanks for sharing your concerns. We are definitely working on a solution for TIB so people can add the sources easier. Right now you can add a clickable source in the description area, but I think people are being lazy or just forgetting. Anyways, just wanted to give you a heads up this issue is being worked through, these things just take time to get all the bugs worked out. Thanks! :) xo

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    I had the same concerns about not giving proper image credit. I thought about creating a board on pinterest that had all the original images and directed people to look there for original sources. I am glad though that they are working on a solution!

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    I think it looks really pretty, but once I saw that I’d have to save images to my computer and upload them from me vs the source, I decided to pass; I may use it to create little boards of my own images though. :) It does look super cute!

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