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Ikea Kids Bed Hack With Secret Room

Crazy ingenious ikea Hack! Includes a secret room behind the bookshelf, and much more!

Everyone loves a good Ikea hack. This dad took his kids bed Ikea hack to Level: Expert. This fun bed he made for his kid is pretty cool. Pulleys, ball drops, slides, a secret passage behind a bookshelf, activated by a secret book! This is every preschooler’s dream bed! You can watch YouTuber Eric Strong make this bed in the video below.


  • 2 Kura beds
  • Trofast storage combination with bins (pine finish)
  • Besta shelf unit (white finish)
  • 4 pack of Dioder LED lights
  • 1×4, 2x4s, 4×4 (for the frame of the secret door)
  • Steel rods (for the secret door hinge, and the axle which allows the crane to rotate)
  • Lightweight craft wood (for the ball run)
  • PVC pipe and connectors (for the ball run)
  • Pulleys/rope:
  • Wood paneling
  • Plywood (for slide support)
  • Whiteboard (for slide surface)
  • Blue contact paper
  • Blue paint
  • Clear wood stain
  • Paint brushes
  • Various hardware (e.g. nails, screws, hinges, latch)
  • Gorilla glue (i.e. super glue)

Below is the video in action, as well as another video below that where he answers frequently asked questions. 


You can find his written instructions in the comments here.


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