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I mastered this Halloween

I planned too many halloween projects this year. And finished every single one.

  • One complete Incredibles costume (with an iron on FAIL)
  • Two mermaids complete with capelets
  • One White Witch dress and cape

The White Witch (The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe) dress and cape were self drafted. The white fabric was some free swag from JoAnns from the GNO a few weeks ago. The cape is just fleece. She loved it. Nobody knew what she was but that's ok.

I was super excited to draft the collars on both the dress and the cape. Thanks to a little lesson from Carrie I think I nailed them!

I'm particularly in love with the mermaid costumes. The skirt is self drafted, as are the capelets. One capelet has a collar. The other doesn't. All fabric was from JoAnns. The leotard was a pattern from one of the big 4. I don't recommend it though. I had to alter it a ton to make it fit a regular sized child. If my kids were about 20 lbs heavier they might have fit well.

And it's a good thing those are leotards because that's one large slit up the back I made. Yowza! At least they could still run!

Yes, the fins are quilted. That's my favorite.

Photo bomb by Jack Jack. I love his costume too. The pants are pieced. They're pretty much jammies. I used my new leggings pattern to make them and self drafted the shirt. 

He adores the Incredibles but thought this was the worst outfit ever when I put it on him. He tried to get it off for 15 minutes then caved. One point for mom.


  1. says

    Peyton was a mermaid this year too. I however, took the easy way out with a cute store bought costume….well I thought it was cute till I saw yours!! The tails are fantastic! Do you have a tutorial for them? I also love the quilted fin! :)

  2. says

    Ummm . . . you’re incredible!? 4 costumes!? And pretty elaborate ones too! Love that white witch cape and mermaid fins and lil Jack Jack too! Mostly I just love the lil mermaid’s expressions and how Jack Jack fought the costume, cuz that’s exactly how things looked like over here! You are the Halloween master!

  3. Michelle says

    I’m playing with different drafts of patterns for a mermaid tail for my own 5yo. In trying to mimic your tail shape, I end up with a sort of half oval with a V at the top, almost a tulip shape. But I’m having a hard time visualizing that with the straight seam you show where skirt and tail meet. Would you mind sharing a description of your pattern shape? Thanks.

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