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Make an amazing video: Hyperlapse App Tips

How to make an amazing hyperlapse video

Have you seen Hyperlapse, the new app that lets you capture and share moving time lapse videos? If you haven’t checked it out you should. It’s created by Instagram and integrates easily. Keep reading for Hyperlapse app tips you won’t want to miss!

The BEST thing about this app is the stabilization feature. It does this by capturing the center area of the footage to keep the video stable. See this video to see how it’s done.

See how amazing this technology is? 

This new app came out this week and already there are a couple hundred thousand #hyperlapse tagged videos on instagram. There are TONS of people driving around making us dizzy and lots of people taking off in airplanes. I took about 45 videos at first of kids dancing. Because they love that. But what if there is more to Hyperlapse?

Hyperlapse App Tips

1. Get the right lighting.

The app auto adjusts for light, or you can tap the screen to adjust BEFORE shooting. Finding good exposure is important.

But look what happens if you don’t pay attention to lighting.

That is an example of the types of videos you’ll make when you’re just trying out the app. Notice how unappealing the lighting is? 

Here is an example of good use of light and shadow.

2. Get moving. Stay as stable as possible.

Some of my favorite Hyperlapse videos so far were filmed while walking or riding. The Hyperlapse app technology will stabilize the video but it helps is you stay as stable as possible.

Or move and film a stationary subject. I need to work on staying as stable as possible.

3. Film the right length.

The app automatically sets videos to 6x speed. So if you want a 10 second timelapse video you’ll need to shoot for a minute. You can adjust the speed from 1x to 12x after shooting. 3 minutes of video speeded up 12x is 15 seconds, the length limit for instagram. 

Not all Hyperlapse videos look best on the same setting. Some are great super fast and others are better slower. 

4. Add music. Sometimes.

Silent hyperlapse videos are often more captivating than the ones with music. But if done correctly music can improve the video. If you want to add music use a video editing app to add music post filming.

5. Frame your video. 

Take notice of what’s around. Notice things you want in or out of the shot.

This video is taken in a beautiful place but that brick wall is all I remember.

Check out all these amazing Hyperlapse videos that will inspire you.

Actually interesting hyperlapse videos.


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