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Genius tips for how to sew a french seam

Learn how to sew french seams! Genius tips and beginner projects.

French seams are a great way to finish the inside seams of a garment! Learn how to sew a french seam with one of these great tutorials. French seams will encase the raw edges of a seam so the inside is nearly as pretty as the outside! This is a much loved method by couture seamsters. I’ve found these great tutorials and rather genius tips by the experts that I hope you’ll love.

How to sew french seams. Genius tips from the experts!

How to sew a french seam:

  1. Abby (Things for Boys) has a great french seam tutorial on Go To Sew.
  2. Nancy Zieman for Sew Mama Sew teaches how to avoid getting little threads stuck in your seam.
  3. Lezette Thomason for We all Sew shows a special trick she learned!
  4. Rae Gun Ramblings shows you how she sews a french seam.
  5. Liesl Gibson from Oliver + S loves using a french seam for shear or lightweight fabrics.

But what about sleeves? Yes! You can sew french seams on sleeve seams. Check out this wonderful tutorial by Mie of Sewing Like Mad.

how to sew french seams on a sleeve

Once you try a french seam you’ll be in love. Want to give it a go? Try it out with these great, easy tutorials. 

Learn to sew french seams with

Drawstring bag with french seam tutorial by Between the Lines

Pillowcase tutorial with french seams by The Cottage Mama


  1. says

    Thank your for this! French Seams have alluded me for a long time. It is even more annoying that my mom is great at them and I’m not even though she’s the one who taught me to sew!

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