How To Put Up a Slackline in Your Backyard


A slackline is webbing that is strung tightly between two anchors. Slacklining differs from tightrope walking in that it has a more dynamic line which has a degree of stretch and bounce. You can adjust the tension to suit your desires. The great thing about slacklining, and why it is becoming more popular, is that it can be done nearly anywhere. All you need is your slackline and a couple trees!

Kids absolutely love slacklines. It incorporates so many of the things kids love: balance, falling, physical challenges. They’ll build their core strength and balance if you have a backyard slackline. And good news! You can easily put up a slackline in your own backyard.

Step 1: Buy a slackline:

We like the Slackers lines. This one comes with a training line you can put up to hold onto.

Step 2: Attach your slackline to two anchor points

You don’t have 2 trees in your backyard? No problem! Make a couple post holes and cement them into the ground or you could even buy a slackline rack

It’s that easy! Now go have fun on your new slackline!

How to make a slackline in your backyard

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