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How To Makeover Your Wardrobe

Ever find yourself looking at your closet and feeling a little blah about everything inside? Maybe you’ve changed sizes a bit and nothing fits quite right or you’re just tired of the same old stuff? It’s time to give your closet a makeover. Even if you are new to sewing you can definitely tackle this! I’ve got just to tip for how to makeover your wardrobe. 

Learn how to makeover your wardrobe!

I was recently given this book, DIY Wardrobe Makeover, by Suzannah Stanley and it’s so, so good. I really think you could pick up your first sewing machine at the same time and use this book to help you jump into sewing. 

She starts out explaining sewing terms and supplies then moves on to teaching sewing techniques you need to know. She will teach you how to unpick stitches, hem three ways and all the other basic skills you’ll need.

Projects Included:

  • Take in a sweater
  • Shorten your jeans
  • let out the side seam in your pants
  • Shorten a curved hem shirt
  • Tighten a loose waistband
  • Shorten a pencil skirt
  • Lengthen a skirt 
  • Take in jeans
  • Mend holey jeans
  • Infinity scarf makeover
  • Colorblock sweater makeover
  • Make a contrast sleeve tee
  • Add elbow patches
  • Make riding pants
  • Turn a dress into a peplum top
  • Add contrast trim to a blazer
  • Flared pants to skinny jeans
  • Silky blouse makeover
  • Blouse to tie waist blouse makeover
  • Blouse into dress makeover
  • Add a zipper to a sweater
  • Add a tuxedo stripe
  • Boxy tee makeover

As you can see, this would be great for making over a growing child’s wardrobe as well. These techniques could be used for anyone’s clothes. 

DIY Wardrobe Makeovers back cover

You can purchase DIY Wardrobe Makeover at Amazon or your favorite local book or craft store. The Kindle version is only $9.99. Thanks for sharing your book with me, Suzannah! 


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