How to Cure Cracked Feet

This is the BEST method!

Cracked heels and feet plague many people, young and old. If you spend much time running around without socks and don’t use a lot of moisturizer you will likely end up with some rough looking feet. The question of the day is how do you cure cracked feet? Thankfully I know the answer to this! 

About this time every year my feet come out of their shoes and I realize they are not ready for sandals. Thankfully, with a week of proper care they can be beach ready!

Step 1: Soak

Before going to bed, soak your feet in warm water with some epsom salt. Add about a half a cup of epsom salt into your foot tub. Soak for 10-20 minutes.

Step 2: Scrub

Gently scrub your feet with a pumice stone or foot file. There are many harsher products on the market but be cautious of those.  Scrub off the loose skin then rinse your feet again. Pat dry.

Step 3: Apply Moisturizer

There are many fancy foot lotions out there but any thick moisturizer will work. Try coconut oil and your feet will love you. It also fights foot fungus and bacteria. Your feet would LOVE this moisturizer

Step 4: Thick Socks

Slip on some comfortable socks and head to bed! Let the moisturizer do it’s work over night! You’ll wake up with much softer feet in the morning and you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing this every night.

Step 5: Repeat

Repeat this process until your feet are soft and healthy. For average feet this will be about 3-5 days. If you have overly dry and cracked feet it will take longer. You will want to continue this regimen about once a week to keep the cracked feet from returning.

Get your feet beach ready in 5 days!


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