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How not to name your blog

It's no secret, The Train To Crazy is the catchiest, weirdest blog name you've seen lately. Am I right? I named it on a whim 6 years ago when I thought the only people who would be reading it would be my mom and dad. (hi Dad). Well, things change and it morphed and grew out of the little family blog it was into something totally different and great. Over time I've cringed at the name more than a few times but let me tell you something you already know. It is really hard to get off the train to crazy. Am I right?

So the name has stuck. Partially because I could never find a better name and partially because I was afraid you'd all leave me because you would be like, "who's this?". Or something similar. So, it has stuck. I've actually purchased 3 different domain names planning to change but never could. 

I asked on facebook what you thought about changing the name and the response was a bit lopsided. I honestly didn't expect that. I figured there'd be more level headed people in there telling me it just isn't good marketing to call yourself anything related to trains or crazy. But, most of the responses said to keep it and not just keep it but they used exclamation marks. We all know that those aren't tossed around lightly. 

So I'm keeping it. For now. Until I find a better name. Or until I grow old and gray. (that's a trick because I'm already going gray and definitely growing older). At any rate, don't expect to type in and find a redirect to something snazzier or more descriptive of the actual content anytime too soon.

You may, however, notice a few changes around there soon. I'm leaving typepad. Not because I don't love typepad (I do) but because I just need something a little more than typepad can give me easily. So I'll be migrating to wordpress shortly. I'll still be me and you'll still be you but this site will just look a little different. Hopefully better and easier to navigate. We'll see.

There is just one other change happening. I've changed a bit to help organize my online life. It's a good landing spot for anyone interested in me and my companies and what not. It's not complete, you'll probably notice that. I'm working on different parts of it still but I'm stuck on my about page. I'll get through it but go take a look anyway and let me know what you think!

If you don't already follow me on instagram (or maybe if you do) I changed my instagram name from thetraintocrazy to andreapannell. If you don't follow me now you're really missing out on gems like this:


Have a wonderful day.



  1. Angela H says

    Hahaha! At first I thought Tina said “I love your crap!” :/ but if you do change your name, I wish you would make it similar to your patterns. It took me quite a while to figure out that Go To Patterns and Train to Crazy are the same person.

  2. Lora says

    When I see the name it makes me think of my mom (passed away when she was only 38 and I was 19). Here’s why Train to Crazy reminds me if her. As a child I would follow her around wherever and ask “where are you going” and she would respond with “Crazy, you wanna come?”
    So that being said…thanks for the gentle reminder!

  3. Heather says

    I still think Train to Crazy is awesome. Way better than the first blog name I chose! HAHA.
    Maybe you should be Go to Awesome. :)

  4. says

    I’ve been wanting to change my blog name too, I even blogged about how I felt strange when someone called me Crafty Cupboard instead of Melanie. I was like you- I started mine to show my mom what I was working on since she lived a good distance from me and somehow I became a blogger (??). Back then I was literally sewing from a cupboard, so it made sense. Not anymore! I do like Train to Crazy, but I recognize you more as Andrea Pannell so that is usually what I say when i reference you in conversation. Can’t wait to see all your changes!

  5. says

    I like The Train to Crazy. I think it gives a better idea of your blog than just your name which seems rather formal to me.
    I’ll be interested to hear how your migration from Typepad to WordPress goes – I’ve been thinking of something similar myself.

  6. Danielle says

    As a Mother of 3 (two of which are red-heads which makes the red girl count as about 3 kids by herself…I can say that as a fellow female red) I feel like I am on a Crazy Train most of the time. I love seeing your newest creations. I totally get it when you are not a big fan of the name of something that you have to interact with daily. I am sure that it is hard to pick a name. The newest blog that I discovered was ‘Done is better than Perfect’. That is also my new mantra. Best of luck on picking a name if you decide to change it but the current one is great as well.

  7. says

    I have such a similar story Andrea! I’ve felt like my name wasn’t me for years. I’d love to know what made you take the leap, and if you have any tips for renaming and making it go smoothly! I feel encouraged reading this, thanks!
    Jodi. X

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