How can I make my blog grow?

I get this question a lot! I've been blogging for 5 years and I can tell you it isn't easy! Increasing blog traffic and followers can take years and feel like you're spinning your wheels. There are good ways to speed up the process though and this year I want to help! Here's my answer!

EDITED: Thanks to Jess for pointing out that it is 2013! HA!

how to increase blog traffic with link parties

Do you want to be featured on Social Media Friends? I need volunteers! I'll be publishing a short bio and links to your profile so people can follow along! There will also be a link party so people can link up their own Pinterest/Twitter/Facebook profiles. Care to join in? Leave a comment letting me know which social media is your favorite! We'll be starting next Monday!

I'm excited to help you this year! With Make It Wear It, Featuring You and Social Media Friends we'll be sure to increase your following!


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  1. says

    Ooh, I would so love to increase my followers and friends network! My favourite social networks are Facebook and Instagram but pinterest comes very close behind!

  2. says

    I would love to be featured!! My favorite social networks are Facebook and Pinterest. Instagram is on my new years resolutions to start using. :) Thanks for your help!!

  3. says

    Sounds fun! I have been neglecting my blog and just wrote my first post in three months!! Yikes! My favourite Social Media is Facebook, but I use them all:)

  4. says

    I’m excited to see this post as growing my blog is something I’m focusing on this year! I’d love to volunteer for a social media feature – my favorite is Pinterest with Instagram following closely behind!

  5. says

    I use both Facebook and Pinterest. I interact more on Facebook and use Pinterest more as a way of cataloguing fabulous ideas I find and would like to come back to. Looking forward to Social Media Friends: Monday. I’m hoping to find out more about Twitter.

  6. says

    So fun! I am a bit of a facebook addict, but I’ve definitely noticed I get a LOT of my blog traffic from Pinterest. I’d love to play along!

  7. says

    My Facebook page has the most action on it, but I am digging Instagram right now. I think it is because it feels “smaller” right now. I can still “talk to” some of my favorite bloggers over there.
    (And, heck yeah, I would participate in SocMedMon.)

  8. says

    I would love to take part too. Sounds fun and useful for me as a new blogger just starting out. Thanks for all of these opportunities to get noticed.
    At the moment I am Pinterest mad. I realised my internet favorites were hard to navigate so I started using Pinterest as my favorites so that I get a visual reminder of the link I am saving. It seems others like my links too so it is a useful tool for us all.

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