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House hunting

As you may have read, I'm moving. This may look like something routine and possibly no big deal but I'm pretty busted up over this move. I've grown to love my home (the place, not the actual home) and the people. And I'll be honest, that took me a while. There are things about that place that I didn't love. I still don't love those things but who loves everything about a place.

I struggle with being surrounded by overt displays of wealth and superiority. Though I'm quickly realizing that is everywhere. Even here in this new place. It takes a slightly nobler form but it is easy to spot. 

So I'm here in this new place, looking for a house. I just read the book, 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess (affiliate link but I'm sure it is at the library now). If you've read it you know what I mean. 

I don't have a lot to say except I've been quiet on this blog for a month and wanted you to know I'm still here! Just taking a breather for a bit. I've been working too many hours for too many months and this past month has been a wonderful change of pace! Thanks for reading my blog and for making this an enjoyable place to write. There will be a few changes on this blog in the near future. I'm not sure exactly what they'll be but I'm excited for them. The big move for the shop has gone very well so I can't wait for this blog and then the other one to get their changes as well.

P.S. If you're looking to figure out which fabric I donated to the giveaway, you may want to look here.

The-anywhere-dressthe Anywhere Dress


  1. marsha kestner says

    I like the colors and I know a granddaughter who would love the dress. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jordan says

    Thanks for the hint and for the link to the book. There are parts of my life identified there which I’m trying to change. I’ll definitely be checking into that book. Good luck in your new place. I hope everyone is friendly.

  3. says

    Good luck with the move, Andrea! I hope that the house hunting goes well and that you’re able to settle in with a minimum of hassles.

  4. says

    Best wishes for your move!! I don’t know how you accomplish all that you do other than you must work day and night. Hope you find a house quickly and things go as smooth as possible!!

  5. says

    I only just properly figured out bloglovin’s format so I only just saw this.
    I understand completely. One hundred percent. It took me six years to make GOOD friends and begin to enjoy our old town. Year seven, we moved. Closer to family which is great, but still. It took so long to build that and it was miserably hard to leave.
    Deep breath. Be you. There’s no wrong way to cope. It gets okay again.

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