holiday sewing for boy: handmade doll

I try to make Christmas as handmade as possible around here. It's just more fun (for me) that way. I started the sewing last week with a doll from Wee Wonderfuls: 24 Dolls to Sew and Love

This is the Eddie Doll. 

Handmade boy doll-4593
I think I love him.

Handmade boy doll-4578
Even if I made his eyes a bit wonky and larger than they were supposed to be.

Handmade boy doll-4580
His hair is my favorite. 

Jack and eddie
Seriously. Uncanny, right? (smile)

Handmade boy doll-4579
That's fake fur hair. 

Handmade boy doll-4596
Eddie was easy to sew and he passed the test. The baby saw him and let out a huge squeal, ran to the doll and hugged it. I almost gave it to him then and there it was so precious. But I was strong and put it up for Christmas.

All in all I highly recommend the book. Full of great patterns and so far they are easy to make. I have 3 more planned.  

What do you think about handmade dolls? I was not a fan of them when I was a kid. I'm hopeful my kids love them. They each have a crocheted doll from my grandmother that they love. What say you?