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Hilarious New Parody Video About Helicopter Parents

Everyone loves to poke fun at helicopter parents because they’re an easy target. Though nobody admits that they are a helicopter parent! The Holderness family is back with another hilarious new parody video about helicopter parents. 

“Every day I’m hovering,” the parents sing in their original take on LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem.”

The title pokes fun at moms but in their words, “..and it isn’t just the moms. Are you a “Helicopter Dad?” Come on admit it…we did. Every single one of us parents in different ways — this is an exaggeration (slight) based on our real life “coptering” admissions. We’re working on letting go and letting our kids apply their own sunscreen.”

What do you think of the term “helicopter mom”? Are you one?? Relate to the lyrics, “I wish I could act like that, but I’d much rather put you in bubble wrap.”

Whether you are or not you’ll get a good laugh out of this one!


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