How to Hide All the Ugly Things in Your House

How to hide all the eyesores!

Hide all the eyesores in your house by disguising them or covering them up! I’ve found 10 different “ugly” areas that almost everyone deals with . I hope you love these ideas! Now you can hide all the ugly things! Tutorials and links below each photo.

1. Hide your printer

How to hide your printer.

PBJ stories has this tutorial.

2. Hide your laundry baskets

Ikea HACK! Hide your laundry baskets.

Ikea PAX hack.

3. Hide your wireless router.

Disguise your wireless router!

Apartment Therapy tutorial.

4. Hide your TV cords

How to hide your TV cords! GENIUS

In The Thick Of It has this tutorial.

5. Hide your paper towels

Hide your paper towels with a cute decorative shelf.

Paper towel holder found here.

6. Hide ugly pipes

How to hide ugly pipes!

Pegboard tutorial here.

7. Hide your electronic charging station

Hide your computer!

photo source

8. Hide a TV

8 genius ways to disguise and hide your tv

8 ways to disguise your TV.

9. Hide ugly cords

How to hide ugly cords

Tutorial by One Thing By Jillie

How to hide ugly cords

tutorial by Bigger Than the Three of Us.

10. Hide an alarm panel

How to hide an alarm panel

Tutorial by BHG.


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