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Handmade Dress Up Series: DIY Word Girl Costume Tutorial

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Hi all you awesome Train to Crazy readers!

My name is Dacia & I blog with my sister over at Creative Mommas.
I love to create and I share all things I create on our blog.  I receive so much creative inspiration from the blogosphere, so why not share the love!  On our blog we have tutorials, recipes, parties, sewing, crafting, home decor, photography & so much more.  We also have an Etsy shop where we share some of our sewing talents.  Come browse our blog and see if something inspires you.

Today I'd like to share my Word Girl costume tutorial.
It's pretty simple and you, too, can whip these out in an afternoon!

I bought long sleeve red shirts & pants at Walmart for like $3 or $4 a piece.
The first thing I did was find the word girl design on the Internet and I printed it out in the size I wanted.
Then I ironed on HeatnBond to the back of my yellow fabric.

Next, I traced my design on the back of the fabric, (on the Heatnbond paper) & cut it out.
After, I took the paper off the back of the design…

and ironed it on the shirt with the shiny side down.
For an extra hold, I stitched all along the outside and inside of my design. And there you have it, one Word Girl shirt!
But of course I couldn't stop there, Word Girl has a cape too. For the cape, I cut out a large rectangular piece of fabric. (I just held it up to my girls and made sure I liked the length.) I hemmed the sides and bottom of the cape to finish the edges. Then I folded down the top, making sure there was enough room for my elastic.
Next I stitched along the top and bottom of my fold. For the elastic, I measured it around my girls' necks, cut it and threaded it through the top of the cape. Once I got the elastic threaded far enough through, I made sure to zig zag stitch the elastic at one end. After threading it all the way through, I zig zag stitched the other end to keep the elastic secured. The last thing I added to the cape were snaps, two to be exact. And that's it, all done! Two word girl outfits in one afternoon & two very happy girls!

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Thanks so much to Andrea for allowing me to visit her awesome blog & share my tutorial!
Come visit me over at Creative Mommas.  I love connecting with creative people!

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