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Handmade Dress Up: DIY Scrappy Boa Tutorial

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Welcome Jessica! Thanks for the wonderful boa tutorial! 

Hi everyone. I am Jessica from Me Sew Crazy, and I am super excited to be on board with Andrea at the Train to Crazy for the Handmade Dress Up Series! With two little girls in the house, our ‘dress up trunk’ sees lots of action. I never know what I am going to see come out of that room – a princess, chef, movie star, explorer, detective…and the costume changes are endless! Sometimes I will even get a princess that loves to cook, with a sick pet who needs a vet. Lol. It just warms my heart to see the imagination on my two girls! That is why I am super excited to be here with today’s post…

No matter what costume my girls decide to dress up in, there is ALWAYS a boa involved! Doctor with a boa? Check. Explorer with a boa? Check. You name the occupation, any my girls will prove to you that a boa is part of the required uniform!

This is a NO-SEW project, and has the potential to use up TONS of your fabric scraps! Let’s Get Started: Materials: Approximately 1 yard total of fabric Instructions:

1. Cut 1 piece of fabric 1″W x 60″L (or whatever length you want your boa to be), and cut a whole bunch of 1″W x 8 – 10″L fabric scraps (mine total about 1 yard of fabric). 2. On your long strip of fabric, tie off one of the ends.

Now we are going to start adding the fabric scraps to the long strip.

3. Taking your fabric scraps, start tying them onto the long strip – with a single knot in the middle. 4. Then push the scrap down, and keep pushing the scraps down as you tie them on, until they meet the knot at the end and all bunch up. Continue doing this until you reach the desired length of your boa. Once you have added all of your fabric scraps, tie off the other end of the fabric strip. And you are finished!

Now go have fun with it!!!

Thank you so much again for having me here today Andrea! And to all you Train to Crazy readers, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and will stop by my blog sometime at Me Sew Crazy and say hello!

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  1. Kathy R says

    I made a bunch of these with fleece as favors for my daughter’s birthday party. With the fleece being on sale for Black Friday, my cost was a mere $1.77 per boa! Thanks for the idea! One tip for anyone who decides to try this…when you tie the fabric on, alternate the side that you put the knot on for a more even look. if you’re alternating between two fabrics, tie two (one knot in front and one with the knot on the flip side) and then switch the fabric. For example if they’re red and blue…it would go red strip with the knot on the frontside, red strip with the knot of the flipside, then blue strip with the knot on the frontside, and blue strip with the knot on the flipside, and so on. The result is a full, fluffy boa with all the knots concealed!

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