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Handmade Dress Up: DIY Princess Costume Set Tutorial

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Do you have a little princess in your life? Bev is here to show us how to sew the adorable princess costume set she made her lucky neice. Thanks for the princess tutorial!

Square_Button150 It’s been a while since my kiddos were into dress up clothes – but when they were little it was pretty much a daily activity! I made a bunch of fun things for my daughter – and picked up some great things on Halloween clearance (you can get great things for 90% off after Halloween!!). I have two sweet nieces that I love to sew for – so I thought it would be fun to make an outfit similar to one I made my daughter when she was little. It’s easy to put on and fun to wear! It’s a little Princess set – with skirt, capelet, and headband – all with fun pink sequins to dress it up. (If you’re going to be a princess – you need some bling right??) My nieces live in Arizona – so you’ll have to just imagine how cute this will look on. ;) This is a super simple set – it comes together really quickly!! You can make it with any fabric – but I love using the inexpensive satin that is in the fabric store now for Halloween. To make the whole set, you’ll need a little less than a yard of satin, a roll of sequined elastic, a roll of sequin trim, and coordinating ribbon. (All came from Joann’s) To make the capelet, cut out 2 large half circles. This is easiest to draw out by tying a string to a pencil, then holding the string in the top center and drawing with the pencil in a half circle. The radius of mine is 4″ for the top, 12″ for the bottom, you can easily adjust this for your little ones. I’m making this for a 3 year old. Sew the pieces right sides together, leaving a small opening for turning. Clip the corners and curves before turning right side out. (I must apologize for the background on this tutorial – I thought this gray polkadot would be a cute contrast to all the white satin, but after scrolling through all these, I am slightly dizzy. Nice.) Turn the capelet right side out and press. Topstitch around all the sides and curves. Trim all but the top inside curve with the sequin trim. I used a heavy duty needle and had no problem sewing right down the center of the trim. Trim the inside half circle with your pretty ribbon, leaving the ends long enough for tying. For the skirt, I cut a long piece of satin 15″ x 30″. Place the two short sides right sides together and sew. Make a small hem along the bottom by turning under twice and sewing. Zigzag around the top of the skirt to cut down on the fraying. Cut a length of sequined elastic the same length as your little one’s waist measurement. Sew the two ends together. Pin the elastic to the skirt, stretching it to the satin as you go. Sew on the elastic, lining it up with the top of the skirt. Stretch the elastic as you go, when you release it, it will gather up the skirt. Sew the ribbon from the capelet along the hem of the skirt for a little more trim. Super easy right?? I love that it’s easy for them to pull on or take off themselves. You can easily whip up a matching headband too – just measure out with the sequined elastic how much you’d need for an elastic headband. Sew the ends together and add a sweet satin rosette! That’s it!! A super cute, easy outfit that is perfect for a princess, a bride, or even a fancy nurse in a pinch. ;) I hope you like it! Andrea thank you Soooo much for having me! I am loving this series – so many cute ideas!!

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