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Handmade Dress Up: DIY Mini Mouse Dress Up Costume Tutorial

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Welcome Mandy! Thanks for the Mini Mouse Costume Tutorial! 

Hi everyone!! I’m Mandy, from over at Sugar Bee Crafts:


Here’s the whole gang on our recent vacation:

I enjoy all things crafty and have lots of DIY and tutorials on my blog.  I even have a link party on Tuesdays so I can see your craftiness – then I show off a bunch of you on Wednesdays.  You might know me from a couple of my posts (click picture to check them out!):

Handmade Dress-Up Series – – what a fun idea!  Do you have kids that want to wear their dress-ups ALL.DAY.LONG.  Don’t we all?!?  So with my quick tutorial today, I wanted to show you how to make a “dress-up” outfit that’s comfy too – more like an everyday outfit.  So here we go – Minnie Mouse outfit, gone casual – -

You know how cheap – er, “frugal” – I am, so souvenir shirts aren’t even an option.  But we need something Disney, right?  I made the girls SUPER cute Minnie Mouse outfits.  I didn’t take many tutorial pictures, because it’s pretty basic.   First I made the pants – I couldn’t decide if it would be hot or cold, so I went mid-way with capris.  I just used whatever pattern I had bought on sale for $1 at Joann’s and used the red dot fabric..  Then I slightly gathered the black dot fabric and attached ruffles to the ends of the pants.
Then I got to thinking how I hope the girls even know who Minnie Mouse is (we’re cable deprived so if it’s not on PBS…) so I googled Minnie Mouse Images – – guess which one they zeroed in on??

That’s right, the risque Minnie adult outfit, 2nd one in on the top row.  Of course.  I had thought about doing a shirt with a big appliqued head on it, but they saw that picture and vetoed the applique.  They wanted a belt and shirt like that outfit.  I wasn’t sewing a shirt (are you with me – pants are so easy to whip up, but a shirt – intimidating!) but I thought we could do a belt.
So I made a belt by attaching two ruffles of black dot onto the sides of a strip of red dot, then sewed the strip all the way around the shirt to make a casing.  To make it look more fitted, like a belt, I threaded elastic through the opening, just like you would when you make an elastic waistband in pants.

The elastic gave it a little gather and some body – I think it turned out cute.

Then they needed a bow, like Minnie.  I covered headbands in black dot then made a big bow (like here, but 2 loops instead of 4) out of red dot and glued it on top.  It held on great!

The whole Minnie Mouse Outfit is really cute!  I wish I could have gotten a picture with both girls wearing theirs but one is at school and it’s blog crunch time so I couldn’t wait.

So, maybe $6-8 on fabric and then 2 shirts at $3.50 each.  Great deal – way better than a Disney Gift Shop.  And cuter, if you ask me.  Outfits in action:

Oh, and more recently I made these cute Minnie Mouse hairclips that I show off on my blog, if you want to check those out…

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Hope to see you in my corner of the blog world,!!

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