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Handmade Costume Series: DIY “The Birds” Costume Tutorial

Elisabeth from Simple Simon & Co is here with a genius SIMPLE no-sew costume. The Birds! So fabulous. How amazing is this? Thanks for the great (fun!) tutorial for a “The Birds” costume! Don’t forget to check out all the other great costume tutorials in the series as well!

I like funny and old vintage Halloween costumes.  Last year, this sassy seven-year-old was Audrey Hepburn and this year….well,  she hasn’t yet decided on what her glorious costume will be.
So, I got to take some liberties and make up a costume that I liked.  (And we shall see what she actually chooses for the big day ;)  I love this costume because it is a total throwback to the costumes of my childhood.  You see, I never had a store-bought costume.  Ok, that’s a lie…I do remember having Snoopy and Woodstock plastic face-masks one year (anyone else remember those plastic shield things?)….but that was about it.
Either my mom made my costume or my brother and sister and I would rummage every piece of old clothing we could find, put it on ourselves and called it a costume.  How many years was someone in my family a scarecrow or a hobo?  Many, many years, my friends.
Do you want to know the best part about this throw-back costume?  It took 10 minutes (ok the hair took a little more–I am not so good with 60’s updos) and cost a whopping $6.00 from the Dollar Store.  YES!!!  And I love it because it reminds me of the thrown-together costumes of yesterday (boy, I am sounding like The WONDER YEARS over here….).
Want to make one too?  
(This costume would be actually be more PERFECT for an adult–in fact, I am pretty sure I am taking it for myself.  And maybe I should wear it while at the Elementary School class parties……ahhh…perfect for little children, don’tcha think?)
Back to costume-making, all you need is….. 
And a green suit if you want to be super Melanie Daniels-ish.  But we didn’t have a green suit so a green dress was our choice).
Luckily the crows come with wires on their feet so we just wired them in her hair, on her dress and on her finger.  And presto-chango….we have Miss Melanie Daniels.  
The same Miss Melanie Daniels who finds herself in Bodega Bay, California which is suddenly the subject of a series of widespread and violent bird attacks. 

And must run for her life (or get Mitch to save her).
just start singing “Feed the Birds” from Mary Poppins.  
We’ve got our costume for next year too!
Simple Simon & Co


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    This is great. I just finished reading Divergent and think this would be perfect for the teenager looking for the perfect Pop-culture costume. Since sadly, your average teen these days has probably no idea what they are missing in Hitchcock films.

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