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GTP Tour: Sew a Straight Line

Sabra from Sew a Straight Line is pretty much a sewing genius. She sews her own jeans and looks fantastic and not like she’s wearing pajama jeans or jeans her grandmother made (no offense to grandmothers everywhere). She made the most amazing Study Hall Jacket a couple months ago and she’s back with a simplified version that is just as amazing.

Study hall jacket sew a straight line-13_thumb[3]
I love this! Just perect! I need to make a few like this! Hop over to Sew a Straight Line to see more pics and get the details! And don’t forget to subscribe and follow her while you’re at it. Check out her tutorials, an exhaustive list of sewing lessons¬†with a hilarious disclaimer¬†and tons of boy sewing inspiration! This was one of my favorite collections of hers. Clothes for 3 boys that coordinate and are equally awesome.

Thank you, Sabra!!

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