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Girly pockets

I’ve been experimenting with different finishing touches to pants I’ve been making my girls lately. I usually use this Burda 9678 pattern or make them this way. I used the Burda pattern for these particular pants. 

Daphne pants 1 

I was inspired by these pockets, but made them differently. Needless to say, they are a hit and there will be more in the future!

Pocket close up
 I think the contrasting top stitch helped with the cute factor.


  1. says

    Very nice! I like that these could be added to an existing pair of pants too (although it would be slightly trickier than putting them on pants before sewing them together).

  2. says

    I don’t sew. I play with the idea from time to time, but sadly don’t and rely on my mom, SIL, and best friend. BUT, that being said, those pockets are adorable and girly and I must show them to my Mom, SIL, and BF! :-)

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