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Giant Flower Applique

Today I’m showing you a fun way to spruce up any dress or top pattern for the summer.

A giant flower appliqúe!

I happened to use the tunic length for the Go To Signature Dress with the flutter sleeve option but this will work on any dress.


So easy and so fun! First, print the flower template.

Let’s get started. First, sew up your dress until you have one side seam done. Don’t sew up both sides, that will make sewing the flower on difficult.

I suggest using freezer paper to trace the flower onto. This makes cutting the fabric very easy. See my tutorial here.

Once you have your flower cut out pin it onto your dress. You can use an iron on stabilizer if you choose. This works nicely with woven cotton fabrics but can make knit fabrics a bit stiff. I chose to just pin a lot and use a tear away stabilizer or tissue paper on the wrong side of the fabric to stabilize the knit and not get wavy stitches.

I like the flower on the side since it is so large. I intended for it to be slightly in the front of the dress but late night sewing got the best of me and it is slightly in the back!


Then stitch around the edges of the flower and center using whatever stitch you prefer. I used a zig zag stitch in mine.

Then finish the rest of your dress and enjoy!



This tutorial was originally shared at Melly Sews. Thanks for having me Melissa!


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