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First Day of School

It’s Thursday so don’t forget Make It Wear It. But I wanted to share some first day photos with you! This is what I call FREEDOM.First day of school 2013 (6 of 6)

We’ve never lived where the kids could take a bus to school. This is amazing. I’m used to driving a couple hours a day to and from school and waiting in carpool lines with cranky toddlers. I love this!


  1. Karen says

    School busses really are magical: They take your kids away every morning, and just about the time in the afternoon when you’re starting to miss them, the bus brings them back! It’s a beautiful thing. ;)

  2. says

    My kids (ages 20 and 29) have never been on a school bus. When your dad is your principal it happens that way. They always wished they could.

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