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First Birthday Outfit

My baby turned 1 last week. It is hard to believe. For me anyway.

He enjoyed a day at the pumpkin patch for his big day.

He's my fourth child but he isn't easy going like they always say. He's firey and opinionated, determined and independent. 

I made him a birthday outfit. The shirt is inspired by Living with Punk's personalized emblem polo tutorial. The pants are my own pattern. I've been making him lots of pairs. I call them size 12-24 months. With the cuff they will fit for a year. Or, a while at least. This guy is huge and is still growing like a weed! At 32" already I'm hoping to save myself a little time by making his pants expandable!


  1. Leigh says

    Where did you find that patchwork madras fabric? I have been looking for some like that for months and have had no luck. It is so cute – and so is your little man!

  2. Janelle says

    Great outfit! My 1yo had a birthday 3wks ago and is 28 lbs (only 31 inches) – I feel your pain about sizes. He’s in a 2T to fit him around, but are a “tad” long – I guess, more time to wear them.

  3. says

    Love it!!!! And I can’t believe the baby is one :) Ella too, is weed-like is the growing stakes… She’s 21 months, 14kg and in size 3 clothes most if the time!! I hope she doesn’t continue at this rate for too much longer :)

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