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Featuring You

Your talent never ceases to amaze me! As always, thank you for linking to Make It Wear It! I've selected a handful of my favorites! Please click through and leave them comments or follow their blogs!

This week's features are amazing. I always have a hard time making decisions about who to feature. These ones are just a hand full of the amazing outfits and accessories linked up this week:

Dandelion Drift

Kristina J.

Sewing Like Mad

Handmade Therapy

Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!


This may shock and amaze everyone but I think I'm going to get back to blogging again this week. I've got a huge event I've planned that I'm so excited about. I'll share about that and may even share an outfit or two I'm making. I've been enjoying my little blogging break. Lots of family time and releasing myself from the pressure. 


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