Fall 2013 style trends for women

*Post sponsored by Proenza Schouler*

Whether you buy high fashion or not, you can learn a lot about fashion and trends by studying a great designer. There are some trends this fall that I’m really loving. I haven’t loved all the trends recently but while looking around and what’s on the racks for fall I think I may just enjoy shopping!


I love these three outfits. They all have some key elements in common. Asymmetry, bold lines, and high necklines.

The striped long sleeve shirt is exactly my style. As are the black skinny jeans. I think every closet needs a good striped shirt (or 10?). The hem line is a great blend of asymmetry and the high/low trend. A little detail to make the top stand out among the crowd.

This dress fabric is amazing. I love the color. And let’s talk about the design of that dress. Perfect shape for nearly anyone. A slim waist with a slight A-line skirt. But the best part is the assymetrical leather placket.

A nice boxy tunic. Everyone needs a nice tunic. I love how this one has side vents at the hips. No funny bunching at the hips and you can still use your pants pockets!

Ps-fall-trends-for-pantsLet’s talk about pants.

While I do love all the bright, colorful pants that have been available for the past couple years I’m glad to see that black is coming back! Oh black, the color that hides imperfections. Don’t tell me I’m the only one who noticed all those colored jeans show all the lumps and bumps? These pants are from Proenza Schouler and they’re all fantastic. Classy and classic. These are the type of pants that you’ll wear for more than one year. The mustard pants you bought last year? You probably won’t wear much longer, but black is here to stay.


Do you accessorize? My only accessory I loyally use frequently are sunglasses. I usually lose earrings and necklaces don’t last long either.

These Proenza Schouler aviators are really cute. Love the bridge detail.

If you’re in NYC definitely stop in to the Proenza Schouler boutique on Madison Avenue. You can also browse their styles online as well. Supporting independent designers is what I’m all about!

Are you ready for Fall fashion? Do you follow trends and high fashion? Or do you just fall back on what you always wear?


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    I’m ready for Fall! I try to peak in and see what’s going on in the fashion world more for the clothing I make for the kids but only because the trends tend to fall away from what traditionally looks good on my body. I do love the asymmetrical trend. That tunic above with the leather placket is darling.

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    As I get older, I mostly wear what I always wear. This is evidenced by the fact that my son asked me yesterday why I always wear the same few outfits (shorts and tee) to pick him up from school! So to impress him, I dressed up in my Lady Skater dress with heels and even wore make-up to pick him yesterday afternoon, and he didn’t even notice! Ha!

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    I try to follow trends if they’re something I think will be comfortable and flattering. And looking at these pictures I think it’s time for a pair of black skinny pants…

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    Oh no….my closet is full of colored pants….but looking at this post…those pants DO look good! And the outfit with the color block black and white tunic/shirt and black pants- to die for. Love love love!

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    You’ve really gotten me in the mood for some fall sewing, or at least some fall shopping. I am absolutely in love with the asymmetrical leather placket dress, and thankfully for Proenza, it’s not a project I’d want to take on myself.

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    Yay here too! But I will still wear my mustard pants. :) I seriously love how everything is black and white. As if I didn’t already wear those two colors way too much anyway. Now I can be “in” doing it!

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    Thank God for black and white!! My two faves! I’m so not cool enough to pull off those sunglasses though. :) This totally makes me want to head out shopping!

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