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Fabric Weekend: Your questions answered

Ok, everyone is super tired of hearing about Fabric Weekend by now, I’m sure, but just a little more. I’ve been asked tons of questions and I hope to answer many of them here in a Q & A format. Friday I’ll post all about where we shopped and tell you about our fantastic sponsors when I announce the giveaway winner! (pssst: $800 in amazing gift certificates up for grabs!)

Fabric Weekend-6825
Here we are beginning the weekend at FIDM. We had a fantastic tour! I loved seeing the textile library (and seeing the trend books!), the looms and the galleries.

Q: Why did you create Fabric Weekend?

A: Because. Really, who wouldn’t want a fabric weekend? I wasn’t looking to get rich of sponsorship (I didn’t) or create some sort of “event”. It started as just a fun weekend for friends.

Q: How did you invite people?

A: I sent out an email to about 20 friends. Many of them said yes and invited other friends. It was super low key. If you were left sitting at your house wondering why you weren’t invited or trying to figure out if you missed registration somehow it’s because it started off as just a small gathering of friends.

Fabric Weekend AP-6841
This knitting machine had everyone facinated! Pictured: Miriam, Jen, Leann, Justine, Marissa, Melissa.

Q: Will there be future Fabric Weekends?

A: I don’t know! It was TONS of fun but I’m not sure I can recreate it in the intimate setting it was this year. The cat is out of the bag and hundreds of people want to join so I’m trying to figure out exactly what any future shopping weekends would look like. For now I’m pretty sure I’ll have another one, in a different location. But, as I said, the details are fuzzy.

Fabric Weekend AP-6833This is at FIDM still. This gallery had amazing old shoes and accessories from Britain. That’s Justine in the center. I loved her Liberty of London top and those adorable shorts. She made them both, of course. Melissa in the front left made her shirt as well. And Bethany on the right made her skirt. Also pictured: Carrie, Caila, Abby

Q: Can I create my own Fabric Weekend?

A: It is certainly fair game! You can’t copyright an event. If you have 20 friends who want to go fabric shopping together, please do!

Fabric Weekend AP-6860
We were so thankful to have Michael Levine sponsor the event. They went all out and we all fell in love with them. A fantastic, family run, business. More about them later.

Q: How do you get sponsors for an event?

A: It’s all about proving yourself as an in-demand media outlet. If you’ve got tens of thousands of people listening to what you say about a particular subject then a sponsor is likely to want you as a partner. We had two amazing sponsors for this event: Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts as well as Michael Levine, of course.

Fabric Weekend-6862After the first day of shopping a few of us decided to take photos of the bags. I really wish we had gotten everyone’s bags together. 

Q: Did you get enough fabric?

A: No, of course not!

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