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Fabric Shopping: SAS Fabrics Los Angeles

I went shopping with This Mama Makes Stuff the other day. She's a great fabric shopping partner. I think it's always best to shop with another hoarder. 

We went to SAS in Los Angeles. I'd never been there before. It isn't downtown in the fabric district but it's discount. They sell by the pound, which seems more fun to me. If you're looking for discount fabric in Southern California, I recommend stopping here. It's a sewing lover's delight.  

SAS Los Angeles has tons of trim. There are rows and rows of lace, buttons, elastic, bias tape (which I forgot to get) and boxes of trim like bulk sequins and zippers. And the fabric. Oh the fabric. There's a good selection of knits, which I love. Lots of random cottons and rayons. Not a lot in the way of quilting fabric.


Carrie has excellent taste in fabric. She found stuff I didn't even notice and it was all fantastic.


Fabric Shopping in #LA Los Angeles at SAS Fabrics

Did I mention there were leather scraps by the pound? I bought 2/3 of a pound of leather. I can't wait to find a reason to use it!

All in all I'd say I did fairly well.



  1. says

    That looks like a fun trip! Someone just passed the name of a warehouse type fabric shop on to me in my neck of the woods, I’m really excited to check it out.

  2. Kathy says

    I have never been fabric shopping with another fabric addict. Yarn yes, fabric no. But I’m 20 minutes from NYC so there’s PLENTY of great shopping to be had. :)

  3. NORMA SWOPE says

    Thought-provoking comments , I loved the specifics . Does anyone know where my assistant can obtain a sample NY DTF IT-280 copy to use ?

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