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Enjoying vacation

I’m not sure if you follow along on facebook but if you do you know my house was packed up and moved accross the country. I was sad packing my sewing machines and fabric but so excited to get on the road (26 hours straight!) and visit family for a few weeks.

My brother and his family live out of the country and they are visiting at the same time. There are 10 kids staying in my parents’ house right now. It’s a little loud and a lot of fun. They range in ages from 1 year to 17 years but everyone gets along great.

I thought I’d add a few of my fun instagram photos I’ve shared the past few days so you can catch up on what’s going on.


You might be a bit concerned about that cockroach. He was a stowaway in a gift my brother brough for my kids. Don’t worry, he had a short U.S. vacation before meeting his death.

My dad was great and flew down to our old house so he could drive in the car with me and the kids. Yay for that. I was pretty sleepy by the end. We would have had to have a bit of a nap in a parking lot if it wasn’t for him.

Those cute babies? Those are my youngest niece and nephew. Twins. Aren’t they dolls?

Alright. I’ve got to get back to work! It’s vacation but I’ve got some serious pattern drafting to work on. See you back here soon!

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    I want to come over soon and meet all the kids. I don’t even think I have met your 2 youngest! I know you all are super busy but hopefully mom, the kids and I get a chance to come out!

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