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Encourage reading this summer!

It’s summer, school is out and it’s time for the kids to start sleeping in and playing outside all day long. Some kids naturally love reading and learning, while others need a little encouragement in that area. For the ones who love it, having worksheets and incentives is a dream come true. For the ones who struggle more, the incentives just help lead them to read more than they otherwise would. And we all know that reading is how we learn. I’d say it’s the most important subject for young kids. If you can’t read or comprehend what you’re reading, you can’t learn other things by reading!

My kids helped me create a fun summer reading kit. They got so excited to think of the different elements. So I know these are things your kids will enjoy.

reading enrichment kit

We’ve got a date with the library this weekend to check out some books and get started traveling around the world with our reading passport. 

I think we’ll create a fun notebook with everyone’s book reviews. It will be fun to look back on later to see what they thought of different books. It’s always great to see how much their comprehension and writing skills improve over the years as well!

Reading Enrichment Kit

I hope you all enjoy this kit! And if you like this, for a limited time you can get it even cheaper if you buy it bundled with the Boredom Busters Kit! Yay for a summer full of activities! When you consider how much summer camps, workbooks and classes cost, this is a bargain. :) Enjoy! Boredom Busters Kit + Reading Enrichment Kit


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