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Easy Way To Remember Which Sewing Needle Is In Your Machine

Sewing Tips & Hacks - remember which needle is in your machine

Do you sew with more than one type of machine needle? I switch between knit needles, ballpoint needles, 70/10 and 90/14, depending on what I’m sewing. I often have a difficult time remembering which needle is in my machine so when I found this YouTube video I was really excited. This is so simple, I’m not really sure how I hadn’t heard of it before! I hope this helps you too.


  1. Marge Donegan says

    I have a “tomato” pincushion and have the sections labeled with the various needle sizes. (one for each machine). When I insert a needle into my machine i place a bright yellow pin in the section that corresponds with my needle. I also store my slightly used needles in the appropriate section of the pincushion. This makes it easy for me to identify my needles.

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