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Easy Valentine’s Day Heart Headband Tutorial

DIY heart headband tutorial
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Are you ready for an adorable, simple heart headband tutorial? This cute DIY Valentine headband will be perfect for your daughter, or YOU if you want! 


  • 1/4 inch wide red elastic – 12.5 inches
  • Hot pink felt – 3 inch square ( cut a heart shape from this, the heart I cut was about 2 inches)
  • White Felt – 4 inch square ( cut a heart shape bigger than the pink one from this, the heart I cut was about 2.5 inches )
  • Small white button – 1
  • Threads – Red and White

DIY heart headband tutorial


  1. Sew both the ends of elastic together by overlapping them half an inch. Reinforce his seam by sewing multiple times. I used a very narrow and small zigzag for extra strength. Don’t worry if it looks shabby at this point, it will be concealed later on.
  2. Place the bigger white heart beneath the joint in the headband.
  3. Place the smaller pink heart over the headband such that the joint gets sandwiched between the two hearts.
  4. Place a small white button on top of all the layers such that it sits on the headband. Hand-sew the button in place by inserting the thread through all the layers and going from one hole to the other multiple times.
  5. Sew running stitches with white thread along the boundary of smaller heart.
  6. Sew running stitches with Red/Pink thread along the boundary of bigger heart.

And you’re done! Now go put it on the cutest kid around.


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