Earn a little fabric money

If you’re like me, you could use a few extra dollars toward your fabric budget. Well now it’s easy! Do you have a blog? Come sign up to be an affiliate for Go To Patterns! Put our button on your sidebar or ad text links into a post and earn a commission on all sales you direct our way! 


The skinny:

Earn 15% on all sales. Cookies track where our customers were referred from so if a customer comes back and buys a pattern up to 90 days later you still earn a commission.

Keep our button on your side bar for a month and your commission is bumped to 20%! 

Earn 3 commissions in a month AND keep the button on your side bar all month and earn an extra $5 on payday!

Refer someone to become an affiliate and you earn extra money each time they make a sale!

Learn more about becoming an affiliate HERE. Sign up today! Affiliates also get sneak peeks at upcoming Go To Patterns released!