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Girls’ Fabric Corsage

Please welcome Kirstin from Kojo Designs! You are probably familiar with Kirstin’s blog she shares with her sister but if not, go take a look! It is full of great ideas!  IMG_5407-1 

Hey friends! I’m Kirstin, half of the sister team that blogs over at kojodesigns, and I’m so excited to be here today! I love (love love love) everything about Back to School. As a once-teacher, I love seeing racks of school supplies- what an exciting time of year! And even though my kiddos are still too little to be heading off to classrooms this fall, that doesn’t mean that we can’t get in on the Back to School fun, right? Bluepin 

This fabric flower corsage was inspired by the gorgeousness at EmersonMade, but scaled down to little girl size. I love it that it can add a little visual interest to a dress or lovely up a cardigan without having to permanently alter the garment. Ready to make one for the little girl in your life? You’ll need: -long thin strips of fabric (monochromatic, or in a few different colors/patterns) -a circle of felt (this will be the backing) -a button (or a cluster of little pearls) for the center -a pin IMG_5397 

Cut your strips of fabric into 5″ or 6″ segments. IMG_5399 

Fold each small strip in half and stitch to the felt. IMG_5400 

Continue until you have a circle of fabric strips. IMG_5401 

Move in toward the center of the circle and repeat. IMG_5405 

Sew a button in the center. IMG_5406 

Hot glue an extra piece of felt (to cover all of your stitching) and a pin to the back of your corsage…

…and pin on a your little Back to Schooler (though, mine isn’t quite old enough for school just yet)! Thanks again for having us, Andrea… and happy back to school friends! Come say hi anytime at kojodesigns! post signature

Thanks for the cute tutorial Kirstin! It will look great on a girl of any age!

Don’t forget to check out the DY(S)G & B Flickr group! It already has some great outfits added. It has me excited to sew for older kids!

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