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DIY Personalized Polo for Boys

DIY polo embellishment for boysPlease welcome Susan from Living With Punks! I love Susan’s blog and I’m sure you do too.  She’s here to share this DIY personalized polo shirt.

I am super excited to be over here at Andrea’s today!  Oh, ya see, I’m so excited I forgot to introduce myself!  I’m Susan from Living with Punks.  I love to create. I love to take pictures.  And, I love to write…therefore, I blog!  When Andrea asked me to be a part of her Dress your (School) Boy Week, I immediately said YES!  My twin boys are almost 9 and it is getting harder and harder to sew for them…and have them actually like it!  So, I have to get creative and really keep my eye out for what’s ‘in’.  I know!  That means thumbing through the latest cool children’s clothing catalogs and DIY’ing what I can…

DIY personalized polo shirt for boys I’ve seen these emblem polo’s everywhere and thought why not personalize them for the punks… and guess what?  They love them!  Don’t let the faces in the pictures fool ya…those are just their serious model faces they put on as soon as the lens goes to my eye. ;)  I’m serious…I think they missed their calling… Let’s get started 



DIY polo shirt embellishment Instructions

  1. Begin by cutting a sufficient amount of fabric for each element, one circle and one letter.  Fuse the wrong side of the fabric to the raised side of the interfacing
  2.  Use a household item (I used my pin cushion) to draw a nice circle. For the letter I just freehanded on the backside of the interfaced fabric.  Just remember to draw in reverse!  
  3. Clip about a 1/4” cut around the entire circle every 1/2” or so.  This will give the emblem a rugged look once washed
  4.  Arrange your letter on the emblem and pin in place.  
  5. Stitch in a contrasting thread.  Don’t worry about being perfect…the more rugged, the better, right?
  6.  Place your emblem on the left side of the shirt and stitch in place.  I loaded my bobbin and needle thread in different colors and played around with the tension so you could see both colors when sewn.  Sew this first circle pretty straight and don’t let the stitches go over any of the small cuts previously made on the circle  Your second pass around the circle, you can get all wonky to make it deliberately crooked.

DIY polo shirt embellishment
Now my boys have are that much more prepared for starting school!  Yay!  I think I’ll do some with numbers now!



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    LOVE this! (not surprised since I love all living with punks stuff!). I love that it is a great monogram for a boy and not girlie. I don’t have girls so it is hard to find a good monogramed stuff for the boys. Going to do this tonight!!

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