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DY(S)B: Guest Post- Oversized Hoodie Pattern

Hi everyone! My name is Emily, and I blog about boy goodness over at The Boy Trifecta. I’m so excited to be sharing the Oversized Hoodie!

I’ve found that, while there are some great boys patterns, many of the end at size 6 or 7, leaving my extremely tall 9-year-old out of the handmade fun. I also find that sewing for him can get pricey, because his garments require so much fabric! Many hoodie patterns are fully lined, designed to help the home sewist enclose raw fabric edges. This pattern is designed to conserve fabric by lining only the hood, while still being large enough for a big kid. I think this pattern is a comfortable size 12. Also, this is a QUICK project. I can get through this hoodie in less than 90 minutes. Let’s get started! Materials: Oversized Hoodie Pattern Pieces 1.75 yards knit fabric .5 yards rib knit Separating zipper (30 inches) Twill tape  (optional) Sewing machine Coordinating thread Zipper foot. *Note: You will notice that I sewed this entire project, except the zipper, on my serger. I did this because my regular machine is in the shop, so I didn’t have another option. You can ABSOLUTELY sew this on a regular machine. I would suggest either a stretch stitch or a zig zag stitch for all seams, except the zipper. If you use a knit, you can leave the edges raw.

1. Cut your pattern pieces. I recommend printing all the pages, taping the pages together, and then cutting out the pattern pieces. The hoodie body is one pattern piece for both front and back. I suggest using the pattern piece to cut the hoodie back first, then trim out the neckline from the pattern piece and use the same piece for the front body pieces. Front and back necklines are marked on the pattern piece.

2. Cut your fabric. You should have one back body (use body piece and cut on fold), two front body pieces (use body piece, cut both pieces at once by laying pattern on fabric, wrong sides together), four hood pieces (cut two simultaneously by placing on fabric wrong sides together), and two sleeve pieces (use sleeve pattern pieces, cut on fold). Cut three pieces of rib knit. Two of the should be 9 inches wide by 6 inches tall, and the other should be 32 inches wide by 8 inches tall. Place them in a messy pile on your kitchen table. (I guess that last part is optional). :)

3. Sew the shoulder seams, RST. 


4. Sew in the sleeves, RST.  6 7

5. Sew up the side seams. Turn underneath the arm and sew the arm seam.

6. Place hood pieces RST, and sew around curved edge. Repeat with second set of hood pieces.  2 

7. Place one hood inside the other hood, RST. Stitch around the front edge of the hood. Turn right side out, press, and topstitch the front hood edge.  3


8. Pin the hood to the neckline, RST. Start by matching the center hood seam with the center back of the neckline. Then match the front corners, and fit the rest of the hood to the neckline. Stitch in place.  12 

*Optional: Cover this seam at the back of the neck with twill tape. This is a common finishing method in unlined hoodies. 9. Grab your smaller piece of rib knit. Fold it in half, matching the short ends, and stitch up the side.  9 

10. Fold your knit tube into a cuff, with the seam on the inside. Place RST on the end of the sleeve. Match the seam on the cuff with the seam on the sleeve. Pin, and sew in place.  10 

11. Look! You made a cuff! Now go do it again on the other sleeve.  11

12. Now grab your last piece of rib knit. Fold it in half, matching the long edges. Pin RST to the bottom of the hoodie. Stitch in place.

13. You’re almost done! Now grab your zipper. Unfortunately, I don’t have photos of this part because I had to sew in the zipper at the machine shop where my machine is being repaired, but don’t be scared! It is SO EASY! Just separate the zipper. Lay it face down on the front of the hoodies. Either hand baste it in place, or pin well. Stich it down. The just turn the zip right side up, turning the edge of the zipper tape and raw fabric edge under. Topstitch in place. Repeat with the other side. And you’re done!  14 

Make your kid model their new fall hoodie in 90 degree heat. Riley actually really loves this hoodie, despite the look on his face. Andrea, thanks for having me!

Wow Emily! This is so impressive! Thank you SO much for this generous pattern! I’m sure there will be many boys modeling this in days to come!

Don’t forget to join the Flickr group and check out the other Dress Your (School) Boy posts!

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  1. says

    Emily, your projects are always so perfectly boy. Yes, I realize that’s basically the name of your blog. The fabric, the design, perfect! You really are amazing.

  2. says

    For once a pattern for a top/hoodie that does NOT terrify me to try haha. Sadly, I don’t have a son (or a nephew old enough yet) to use the pattern for :( Might see if I can enlarge the pattern so I can use it though! Thanks for sharing!!
    (PS the fabric combo you picked is awesome!)

  3. iris says

    hi this turned out really good!!! do you think that maybe i could turn it into a crewneck sweater for my daughter??? (she is 13 years old)

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