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Two end tables get a sweet country makeover!

DIY end table makeover tutorial
submitted by: Tarah Joubert


The weekend before last I ran over to an estate sale not far from us and scored big. For $100 I picked up a wooden sofa, matching chair and coffee table, a rocking chair and these two end tables. I am planning on refinishing the rocking chair and selling it on craig’s list to try to recoup some of that $100 I spent. But the sofa, matching chair and coffee table I have big plans for on our deck. Meanwhile, I went to work on these two old end tables almost immediately thinking that we could really use them in our living room. On top of that, I’ve just been chomping at the bit to try the refinished top and painted base that I’ve been seeing online so much lately that I just love.


  • Sanders
  • sand paper
  • white paint
  • wood stain
  • clear satin polycrylic finish


Fully sand down the tops to bare wood and do a light sanding over the entire body so the paint will adhere. Stain the top first before you get out your white paint. With the top dry start painting. (If you’re not using primer you will need to do at least three coats of white paint on the body of the end table.) Once everything is dry (give it 24 hours at least) cover the entire table (both the stained and painted sections) in at least two coats of poly acrylic (I used a satin) to protect all of your hard work! 

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