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The Most Quick and Easy Girl’s Skirt Tutorial

The Most Quick and Easy Girl’s Skirt Tutorial
submitted by: Becky Jorgensen


This skirt is super quick and easy to make. It is a perfect project for beginners! It doesn’t have a pattern, just a simple method for cutting two rectangles! This skirt is suitable for little girls, bigger girls, teens and even grown-up women. All you need is the recipient’s waist measurement.


  • Fabric of choice: lightweight cottons (quilting cotton, poplin, chambray, seersucker) or medium weight (fine wale corduroy, denim, flannel)
  • 1” elastic
  • Matching thread


Step 1 – Let’s cut the fabric. You will need to cut two simple rectangle pieces. Here are the measurements:


You will need the skirt’s recipient waist measurement (just measure around the entire waist right above the belly button). Now just double that width (multiply by 2). Then add 1.5” (for the side seams).

For medium weight fabrics it is better to multiply by 1.5 rather than by 2. Recap:

Width = (waist measure x 2) + 1.5”


Measure from the waist down to the knee at the desire length. I usually measure right above the knee.

Add 1 1/2” for the elastic case (on the waistband). Then add another 1 1/2” for the hem. (Or instead, add your preferred hem allowance). Recap:

Length = desired length (from waist to knee) + 3”

Step 2 – Stitch the two rectangles together right sides together, at 3/8”. Repeat on the other side. Press seams open. Finish the raw edges with a zig-zag stitch or with a serger.

Step 3 – Fold the upper edge by 1/4” and press. Fold again by 1 1/4” and press. Stitch at 1/8” from the lower fold. Leave an opening of about 2 inches.

Step 4 – Cut the elastic: the amount of elastic is equal to the waist measurement minus 1”. Insert the elastic. Join the two ends and stitch them together. Close the opening.

Step 5 – Hemming. Fold by 1/2”. Press. Fold again by 1”. Press. Stitch at 1/8” from the upper fold.

Tip: Personally I like to make big hems because it allows me to add length to the skirt as time goes by and my girls grow up. If you use a narrow hem (a lot of people usually go to a 1/4” + 1/4” hem) you won’t be able to add length and you will soon have a skirt that still fits at the waist but it is already short.


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