Pillowcase with Cuff Tutorial – Sewing Projects for Kids Series

Pillowcase with Cuff Tutorial – Sewing Projects for Kids Series
submitted by: Patchwork Posse


This pillowcase is a little bit different as it has a cuff….but there is something inside as well! It’s a hidden little cuff inside that holds the pillow in place and doesn’t let it scoot out when you are sleeping and snoozing.


1) Fold the cuff in half and iron to crease.

2) Pin the cuff fabric to one side of the pillowcase fabric- lining raw edges together.

3) Sew them together.

4) Open the cuff and iron.

5) Sew a top stitch along the sewn seam on the right sides of the fabric 1/8″ seam is perfect for top stitching.

6) Fold the opposite side 1/4″ and iron.

7) Fold the side again 1/4″ and iron.

8) Sew the hem.

9) Layer the pillowcase backing and the front with the cuff -right sides together- the backing will be longer than the front- pin along the sides.

10) Fold the extra backing on top of the cuff -notice it’s just a little shorter than the cuff part, and finishing pinning the sides.

11) Sew all the way around the pillowcase and turn right sides out.


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